New year resolutions for 2021…

The new year had a rocky start,
Ex bestie decides to make a comeback,
But over the years we have grown apart,
So in a reconciliation, total interest I lack.

Putting it behind me, I decide to move ahead,
Not too late for some new year resolutions,
So I make a list of things to cut down on, starting with bread.
Add a point to clear my head and deal with all the confusions.

This year I vow to be punctual,
Be more disciplined, follow a strict routine..
Early to bed, early to rise shall be my daily ritual.
Try to eat less sugar and definitely cut down on caffeine.

I resolve to go on a healthy diet and lose some weight,
Do yoga, exercise or atleast a brisk walk everyday,
Will indulge in more of self love and less of hate,
To feel bright and positive in every way.

Will do better time management,
To maintain a healthy work life balance,
Stand my ground against bossy temperament,
And not get frustrated and suffer in silence.

I will strive to blog more, read more,
To stir up more storms in the kitchen…

To pursue new hobbies after completing daily chores,

No matter what comes my way, I will maintain calm and become more zen.

These are some of the promises I make to myself this year,

Let’s see how much I accomplish.

Will try to live healthy, be happy and live without fear.

For 2021, that’s really my only wish.