Dungeon of darkness ⬛

Just when you think things are going right,

Something unexpected and devastating hits you,

And suddenly everything is as dark as night.

No air to breathe and no sight to view.

You’re plunged into a dungeon of hopelessness,

From where it feels impossible to come out,

The harder you try, the more you feel helpless.

Scream and cry as much, there’s no way of breaking out.

Engulfed in darkness,

Plummeting to an abyss of despair,

Feelings going numb, upto the point of inertness,

Paranoia permeating every cell in your body, leaving you gasping for air.

The happy memories of the past are now distant and a blur,

The chances of them returning in the future seems bleak,

The voice in your head says ‘Keep going’ but they slur,

Your body paralyzed with fear, too numb, too weak.

What do you do in such a situation?

How do you get out of this mess?

Will you ever get to see the rays of sunshine outside this dungeon?

Or will this be your permanent home now, this dungeon of darkness??

Have you guys ever felt like this at some point in time or the other? What do you do? How do you push yourself to get out of this dark space and motivate yourself to be positive and never let go of the optimism? Do share in the comments. Am sure it will be helpful to many, including ME….hope you all are doing well…stay healthy and be happy friends💟💟

21 thoughts on “Dungeon of darkness ⬛

  1. Oh my God Dear Gibberish

    i Don’t Really Know You That Well

    Yet Listening to You Tell What Seems

    Like A Same Story i Experienced in Distress

    in HeLL ON EartH The Soul Part at Least When Not
    Yet Technically
    And Labeled
    As 19 Medical
    Disorders Shut-in
    my Home for 66 Months
    Including Type Two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia The Worst Pain Known to

    Humankind Maybe i’ve Already told You
    A Lot of my Hell Story It Seems As So Many
    More Folks Are Relating to the DarK of Life

    This Days Than Ever Before So i Often Repeat
    How i Escaped From HeLL ON EartH Coming to

    What Really Feels So Free SPiRiTinG HeARTiNG
    SoUL FeeLinG Full Within Yes,Yes,Yes Heaven Compared

    to Hell For
    ReaL ON EartH

    Yet It’s True No Hug
    Would Help me in that Place
    Yet It’s True Even Those i Loved
    So Much i Could Not Connect to
    As in that Place Love From Others Only

    Felt Like Pain And It’s True i Do Have FRiEnDS
    Now Who Visit this Place They Grow More Silent
    Needing to Be Alone As In this Place True We Often
    Must Look Deep Alone Solo to Find Our Way Out of the

    Dark Abyss
    Souls of
    the Night
    The Months
    The Years
    Ever DarK
    In Pain and
    Numb LooKinG
    To Escape the
    Dungeon Out of the
    Cave Once Again to Move
    Connect And Co-Create ToGeTHeR
    In All Colors of Love Life Brings for me

    At Least Causal Factors Mostly Becoming
    A Cog in A Machine at School Without the Human
    Social-Empathic-Artistic-Spiritual-Emotional Parts
    Celebrated There Same As Work Eventually Just

    Part of A Screen
    Mostly Without
    Very Much of the
    Human Connections
    Left Warm And Fuzzy Out of Life

    True A Battery That Keeps Draining
    And Draining Just No Place in the Whole
    UniVeRSE to Find to plug back in and recharge

    And Lord Knows Feels Sense How in the World
    Can And Will You Escape if it is What Life Seems
    to Require to Even Survive at all Fortunately for me
    i Almost Died ‘They’ Had no Choice Yet to Let me Go to
    A Place For Years to Recover my Humanity Then We Are


    We aRe Human
    Yet Sadly in this
    World Now Machines
    Don’t Seem to Understand
    Who We Truly Are in Other Words

    There Are No Easy Words to Describe
    the Depths of DarK When A FRiEnD
    may Reply i’m Okay Yet Not Fine When

    Okay Just


    Used to Living
    in What Really
    Seems Like HeLL ON EartH

    i Suppose All We Can and Will
    Really Do Is Talk About Where We
    Went And How We Got Out and Escaped

    For me at Least A Naked Enough Whole Complete
    Dance And Song of Life Free Burning All the Pages
    of the Rules of Conforming So Much Before Yet True

    it takes

    to Live Again

    Yet True Whatever

    It takes to Love Life For Real
    And Then Just Give it Share it
    Care it And HeaL iT All Away my FRiEnD…:)

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    1. Thank you so much Fred for sharing your ordeals…so glad to see you’re out of that dark phase and spreading hope and happiness among all….truly appreciate you sharing your story. 💟💟💟💟

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  2. love your raw, honest vulnerable poem dearest Giberish!
    It happens to all of us and for those it doesn’t they’re either lying, don’t realize it and at times in one degree or another. I pull back when that happens to me. Make sure I meditate, get out in nature, unplug, and just let things go. Remember this too shall pass!!! Hang in there and sending good energy and light! 💖

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    1. Thank you so much Cindy for sharing your wisdom and experience…i will also try to implement some of it…and the quote ‘this too shall pass’ is my all time favourite go-to mantra…it really gives me strength…thanks again for your concern and good wishes..much love 💖💕

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      1. You’re always welcome my dear friend! I’m happy to hear you will give that a try. You can also tune into my qigong videos on YouTube or here as well. I find that really clearing and uplifting. That is a universal go to and I love it as well. You’re so welcome and reach out anytime! 💖💖💖

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  3. Right timing as I am about to start a new something comes up unexpectedly and I am now back to the waiting game! Anyway… just take it easy as it can get better the next day or so, let’s be positive!

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    1. Oh darn this waiting game!! Hate it😖😖
      But you’re so right, tomorrow is a whole new day and could go so much better than today so always be positive…thank you for sharing 😊💟


  4. Dear Gibberish, your writing is raw, vulnerable and honest. I have no answers except for advice based on my own experience of what works: getting out in nature, meditating and finding solace in going within. There’s so much happening in the world these days that more than ever we need to find answers by digging deep and finding our own peace of mind. Faith over fear. Wishing you love, light and peace from down under 🙏

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    1. ‘Faith over fear’ that’s what I am trying to implement Miriam…and I hope as time passes, i will be able to be more at peace with things…thanks a lot for sharing your wisdom Miriam..much love to you 💓💓

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  5. I just read something and it resonated with your post so I thought I’d share it: “When you replace ‘Why is this happening to me’ with ‘What is this trying to teach me’ everything shifts. 🙏

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    1. That’s really a great way to change the perspective of how one sees the trials and tribulations being faced….but it’s soooo difficult to bring about this shift in the mindset…will definitely give it a try though….thank you so much Miriam for sharing this great piece of advice 💟💟

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  6. Oh my … I am sorry you are feeling such despair. I hope whatever devastating event took place, time will make it better. I would say that if this feeling lasts a long time that seeking help might be in order. I get down but usually snap out of it pretty quick. Keeping busy is important for me, and getting away from my surroundings is a big help too. I like what Miriam says too. Living in the moment and being grateful for what we have is an important key to happiness. Hope you feel better soon!

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    1. Thank you so much Denise for such positive and thoughtful words….you’re right, when feeling low, being super busy is really helpful for me, so that my mind doesn’t have time to think anything else. This despair, It’s a phase that comes and goes like the tides…unless something worse happens (keeps happening actually)


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