The View From the Top

There’s something about this view,

That always leaves me spellbound,

Every angle, every direction I look, there’s something new,

I wish I could explore more, if only I was not strapped and chair bound.

I keep trying to see things in these clouds,

Any shapes and figures my mind can conjure,

Seems ethereal, like a mystical mystery it shrouds,

That makes me look out in amazement and ponder.

The soft, fleecy clouds floating about,

To my inner child’s imagination, could be a million scoops of icecream,

Or sometimes, my devout heart can see God’s divine rays peeking out.

Other times, my logical mind can only marvel at the Creator’s scientific genius, while the poet in me can simply stare and dream.

Myriad thoughts, endless emotions,

Gives a chance for me and the infinity to converse.

Every time I am flying through the clouds, I feel like I am entranced with some magic potion,

Coz I am always left in awe of the magnificence and humbled by magnanimity of the universe.

I have been fortunate to fly many times in my life. Yet the view from the top never ceases to amaze me. ⛅☁️❤️ The pristine white clouds floating by, maintaining perfect balance, stretching as far as my eyes can see till the horizon, always casts a spell on me. And unless it’s a very early morning flight (in which case I am probably sleeping even before takeoff 😂😂), I am always looking out, soaking in the beauty of the sky, lost in a plethora of thoughts and sometimes remembering to capture some pictures that can help in day dreaming when I am back to mundane life on land..what are your thoughts when you’re flying? What do you think about? Please tell me in the comments. You know it wouldn’t hurt to know there are a few crazies out there just like me 😊💟

52 thoughts on “The View From the Top

  1. 💜 I love travelling EveryOne especially flying; Checking In, Exploring The AirPort, the Thrill of Take Off, wondering if I AM able to Walk on The Clouds, the Shrunken View of Our Planet that Some Name Gaia reminding Me of The Vastness of ALL of Existences; plus, of course, My Nervousness in anticipation of a Safe Landing which is, of course, ridiculous because I AM Still Here, Still Flying which is, statistically, much safer than driving 😃


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    1. I can totally relate to each of these things…these things collectively add to the thrill, experience and joy of traveling. Of course mid air turbulence (rare though) makes me break into a sweat but still I love the view from the top 💟💟

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      1. 💜 Yup to “turbulence” too SupaSoulSis; yet somehow I AM Soothed by My THOUGHTS!!! turning to The Captain and The Crew for whom “turbulence” is Routine while They Continue to Serve Us


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    1. Dear, why wait to go abroad, take a domestic flight within your country….am telling you, the view will take your breath away…it’s so mesmerizing …and do share your experiences with all of us💟😄

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      1. 💜 I Agree EveryOne; some Airlines offer Journeys to NoWhere…basically Check In, Fly Up then Return to YOUR!!! Point of Origin or Pay a Light Aircraft, Helicopter 🚁 Pilot, Balloonist et al for an In The Air Experience EveryBody


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  2. Those are amazing photographs!! I am with you in being humbled by the magnanimous magical views of our universe world from up above the clouds – just opens up the mind space beyond all perspectives. What I loved most in your description is this – million scoops of icecream 😅 Beautiful post!

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    1. Thank you so much Pragalbha for such kind words🥰💖… really glad that you too share the same fascination and could relate to my childhood imagination of the clouds resembling scoops of ice cream, which I still believe till today as grown woman 😂😂

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  3. I have a love affair with the sky and clouds. Sunsets, sunrises, this view that you described and took pictures of, above the clouds, beneath the clouds, sunshine or rain, the sky weaves a masterpiece that leaves me mesmerized every time. I could look at it all day

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  4. I will not fly unless there is no other way. I do not hate flying, I do not like to be squished into a seat that gets smaller and closer together so that some fat corporate CEO can get a bigger “bonus” without doing anything. I still love to see clouds and imagine animals, but from a pool floating and enjoying the open spaces.

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    1. Enjoying the beauty of the sky and clouds from the comfort of your pool does sound like a good idea…idea is to enjoy all that nature has to offer ,from wherever we are comfortable 😊💗

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