Live in the present

She finally had a party to attend,
Excitedly She got dressed,
She put on her new dress and her favourite lipstick,
She remembered their old party days and did not want the fun times to end.

She was excited to meet her friends after so long,
Eagerly looking forward to the drinks and the endless banter,
The usual party shenanigans,
To enjoy the karaoke and to sing along.

But this time it was somehow different,
After all, they had ‘grown up’,
Vodka shots made way for wine,
Frivolous chatter made way for serious arguments.

Earlier they used to worry about paying rent,
Now they were discussing real estate and investment.
Earlier they were always in the party mood,
Now all they could talk about was house, car, politics, diapers and baby-food.

They were all busy making plans for the future,
As if things always go as per plan.
Little did they know, in a flash, it could all go for a toss.
And all they would be left with, would be debris of broken dreams and a nagging feeling of loss.

But she was different, life had made her wise,
So while her friends were busy planning,
She made a mental note of the one thing her heart was craving at that moment,
Turns out, it was ice cream- her favourite vice.

So she excused herself and left the party,
And went straight for the ice-cream that made her happy,
For she really knew what it meant,
To savour each moment and to fully enjoy living in the present.


41 thoughts on “Live in the present

  1. So well written and very very relatable. The friendly get togethers and parties change with time, with the same corporate jargons and monotonous talk on office, promotions, property, investments .
    Slipping away for a quiet moment for oneself to enjoy an ice cream sounds just right for the nerves at such times.

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    1. Thank you so much Deb πŸ˜€πŸ˜€…seems like you got the exact thoughts behind this post….I really miss those carefree times when all we wanted was just to have a good time and enjoy every moment. These days I am quite bored at parties and my mind often drifts away to other fun things I’d rather do πŸ˜›


  2. Thank you for this reminder. :))
    Very relatable. The get togethers where old friends keep repeating they have changed, deliberately using the jargons of their workplace so that we are left in no doubt they really have. As if we’re there to hire them for a new job. It’s the old frankness and abandon we go out to feel, for we all have workplaces and our own jargons.
    I love the ending. Such simple pleasures. That’s all one needs to feel happy. Have a great Sunday, my thoughtful friend. :))

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  3. You are similar like me. I usually, stay silent in a family gathering (or other functions etc.) of the people and observe their activities.
    I feel things got changed, are changing. People are more wise and educated since the last. But there is a lack, lack of emotions, feelings and humanity.
    I don’t want to be the part of such a culture. I’m happy with my simple and cute life.πŸ€—πŸ’πŸŒ„πŸŒ„βœοΈ

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