Life in the times of Corona…

Gone are the days when we could be happy and free,

Now home quarantined is all we can be,

Applying sanitizer, wearing face mask,

This is now the most important task.

Life was once so busy, commuting to work, all the traffic,

Now they seem like sweet memories, which once felt truly horrific.

Weekends were for socializing, to go out to wine and dine,

Now all days feel the same, sitting in front of the laptop pretending to be Miss sunshine.

But am not complaining,

Probably just reminiscing,

How different our lives used to be,

And how much it has changed, for our safety I agree.

But we must still be grateful,

For being healthy than sick is far more beautiful.

Thankful that we still have family and friends,

Whom we shall soon meet, once this pandemic ends.

Here’s hoping that day comes soon,

When we remember this time as a boon.

Until then, hang in there with some patience,

With the belief that our old normal will soon commence.

“I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.” – Anne Frank

48 thoughts on “Life in the times of Corona…

    1. It’s so good to know some places in the world have it slightly better than the others…. hopefully things will improve overall…until then we gotta do whatever it takes so stay afloat…holiday cheers to you dear 🤗🙂

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    1. Oh no, not at all….it may be scaled down for safety…but then Christmas with friends, family, great food and laughter…what’s a better celebration than that ??!!😊😊
      What do ya think

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  1. Beautiful poem and so spot on!

    The old normal was the only normal, and I miss it too much. The stay and work home is going bonkers! I logged into WP after more than a week! I loved the sit in from of laptop like miss Sunshine 😁 thankfully we don’t need to be on video too often.

    And today I miss all that crowd and traffic! My office laptop has gone bad and i need to go to office to pick up another this coming Monday. I am looking forward eagerly to the long drive I used to hate earlier 😇

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  2. Timely. Very timely. Just when I am about to lose my patience with it all, something comes my way to hold me back. Yes, safety is way more important than freedom to roam around at this time. We’ve all dreamed of this day, when work commute wouldn’t bother us, and we could set our own timings. Today we have it. And we’re safe. Enough to go on. Right? Thanks for spreading the hope. :))

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    1. Yes I used to dread the hour long commute to work and now I kind of miss it…wierd right…I guess we all have an inherent inclination for the forbidden apple…even those who stay at home all the time now suddenly want to roam about😃😃


      1. Right…its the notion of freedom that’s more important, it seems, then the freedom itself. Give it back to us, and then we’ll call in sick to stay home. Feels better that way. 😀🙏🌸🌸

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