Break Free…

As children we all used to be
So happy and gay,
Innocent, chirpy and all kinds of naughty
Our future troubles seemed to be so far far away…

As we started growing up,
Life got more and more complicated..
As troubles arrived, we had to buckle up,
Innocence gone and simplicity hated…

Life became all about appearance,
Capturing perfect pictures rather than making memories that last…
Likes,comments,shares and all such millenial nuisance,
It was all about being popular and how fast…

Took a while to realize what’s wrong,
Life is about making yourself happy…
Dancing in the rain, singing your favourite song,
To pause, take a long breath and just BE…

So let the world’s opinion of you blur in the background,
Make yourself your first priority…
Those who love you will always stick around,
So take off the worldly shackles and just BREAK FREE…

Pics from Free Photo library

48 thoughts on “Break Free…

    1. Thank you so much for reading and liking the poem. My first one ever.😀 And yes you are absolutely right, we need to break free from all things tying us down and re-live our childhood again.😀

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  1. I love ALL your poems. If it is your first attempt at writing poetry, you obviously have at least an aptitude. When you write more we will see if it is talent. Keep it up. please.


    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes I am absolutely an infant when it comes to poems. The 2 poems you have read are the only ones I have ever written. So appreciate your feedback. Thank you so much Joanna. I hope as I write, I will get better. 🤞


  2. I love this poem! So very true and inspiring, especially the line about “dancing in the rain, singing your favourite song”… those brought back so many memories where I would do that shamelessly in public with my family or friends without feeling ashamed.

    Thank you for this important reminder! ❤

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