Quarantine Learnings

Year 2020 will go down in history for a lot many things…but most significantly for the pandemic that has brought the entire world to a standstill and crippled us all with fear and anxiety. It has heralded a new way of life, which unfortunately, seems to be here to stay. But everything, good or bad, teaches us something new, something valuable. And this Corona situation is no different.

Firstly, it has added many words to my vocabulary..some new, some old, some seldomly used: to begin with the name of the nightmare itself- THE Corona virus/COVID-19, followed by other words which have come to be a part of our lingo these days, such as epidemic, pandemic (honestly I had never bothered to know the difference between the two words before..big mistake!!), lockdown, isolation, home quarantine, self quarantine, containment, isolation, PPE, co-morbidity, herd immunity, fatality rate, sanitization, community spread, symptomatic, asymptomatic, immunocompromised (which I amπŸ˜”)…and of course the word of the year perhaps… SOCIAL DISTANCING.

In addition to all these, there are several fun, new words doing the rounds on social media such as coronials or quaranteens (babies created during Corona times), quarantrends, quarantees, quarantech, quarantrolls….and my favourite so far…the COVIDIOTS (I often mumble this under my mask when I see ignorant blokes on the roads without masks).

The past six months have also taught me a whole lot of other things. Like I can bear to spend 24/7 for 6 months straight without killing my husband (and vice versa)…inspite of serious temptation on some occasions πŸ˜›πŸ˜›. On a serious note, it has increased my awareness and sense of responsibility. Even if I want, I cannot throw caution to the wind and take off without my mask and sanitizer coz I know it can be dangerous for my old ailing parents staying with me. So in a way it has reaffirmed the importance of loving my family, caring for their well being and being a support system to them. And I have to admit, these circumstances have actually given us the gift of time..to spend it with loved ones.

This lockdown phase has made me firmly believe that each of us are masters at multitasking. From working long hours in front of laptops to cooking, cleaning, spending time with family and also making time for ourselves…if we want, we can really do it all. Infact, I look at it as a blessing because it keeps me busy, my mind occupied and helps to keep up some semblance of normalcy in an otherwise abnormal time and world. And it finally forced me to do something that I always wanted but never quite got to doing… Blogging. And thus here I amπŸ€—.

Tune in to any TV channel or any social media platforms  and one can see the alarming situation in almost every country. People are dying, losing jobs, employment, livelihoods are at a risk. The healthcare systems are beginning to crumble due to the astounding number of patients and casualties. The economy plummeting to all time lows. It’s the same in almost every country. It’s all pretty disturbing and upsetting. And it really makes one wonder about how shallow we are that we worry about miniscule things when there is so much suffering and pain all around. Reminds me of the need to be grateful for what I have rather than crib about what I don’t. This whole pandemic situation has been humbling, to say the least.

If nothing else, quarantined life has definitely taught me the virtues of resilience, patience and hope. Resilience to stay put until this storm passes. To see the end of it(hopefully soon). Patience to endure these difficult times, to stay in the  safety of my home without yielding to the allure of the outside world which beckons to my outdoor-loving heart. With the hope that one day we will conquer this evil and world will be a safe place again. And when that happens, I hope I can step out into the new world as a better version of myself, thanks to all that I learnt during these past few months of quarantined life. Here’s wishing that day comes soon. πŸ™β˜ΊοΈ

27 thoughts on “Quarantine Learnings

    1. That thing about muttering behind the mask …πŸ˜ƒ … and yet so true. These adversities have indeed challenged us all and brought out many good sides which were not known before. And as you mention, we didn’t even face the real brunt of it, so we should be thankful and respectful towards the ones who had to really face the pandemic.
      Just hope we retain our discipline towards everyone and Nature once it all ends ☺️ you know how an unleashed animal runs on being freed after long captivity… Hope we humans don’t break into wild runs too…

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  1. Every time I read you, it’s like I’m riding on a gentle wave. (I might have mentioned this before, but I don’t careπŸ˜€).
    It’s so relatable, and relevant. The year for sure has taught us many things just as it has punished us.
    And another thing: Gibberish is quite an ironical name given how clear your writings are. Keep rocking…πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    1. Oh man…you just made my day… happiness such as these is what makes us go on in these difficult times. Thank you ,thank you so much. πŸ€—πŸ˜€
      Ps. I had started the blog to just rant away my everyday frustrations…seemed apt. Still doesπŸ˜›

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      1. Yes. That’s the beauty of this place WP. Anyways, since you took a dig at the spouse problems in the lockdown, I’d like to invite you to read a short piece I had written sometime back ‘Aren’t You A Delight’. I think you might like it. Try it if you have enough time. Take care…πŸ‘πŸ€

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  2. I think we’ve all learnt so much these past six months. You’ve summarised it beautifully here. For me it’s been a huge time of inner growth and transformation.

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    1. You are so right Miriam. This year has indeed taught us a lot. And given us a chance to introspect and bring about Inner growth and peace. It’s been a year of learning on so many levels.😊

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    1. Hey…I commented on several of your blogs…but I can’t see any of them…anyways just wanted to tell you, loved reading your blogs. Lots of hugs to you ❀️❀️

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